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Crystal Straw | ALL7 SET

Crystal Straw | ALL7 SET

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GET THE PARTY STARTED. Our ALL7 SET has everything you need to add some magical crystal vibes to your next house party. It is a great (nerd-approved) conversation starter and keeps even the merriest party animal from grabbing the wrong drink. The set comes with seven crystal straws and a variety of seven different gemstones.

FEEL THE DIFFERENCE. These are a lot more than just sweet-looking accessories for your party. Our super durable glass straws help to eliminate single-use plastics. Everyone knows that plastic straws are terrible for the environment but honestly, we don’t like the paper and metal alternatives, either. Their main issue is that they are opaque and you never know if they’re 100% clean or not. The second problem is that they have a taste. Glass – especially the kind of glass we use – does not.

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