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VitaJuwel USA

Crystal Straw: AMETHYST

Crystal Straw: AMETHYST

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CRYSTAL VIBES. READY TO GO! The reusable Crystal Straw by VitaJuwel is made from extra-durable, pollutant-free glass and features a genuine, hand-picked gemstone. It comes with an all-natural bamboo carry case, a 100% plastic-free cleaning brush and is available with several options of crystals. All of our stones are hand-picked, free from artificial coating and 100% authentic. We’ve been certified by the EPI - Institut for Edelsteinprüfung ( “Institute for Gemstone Examination”). All of our gemstones are in accordance with RAL RG 560 and CIBJO. They comply with the GKS quality guidelines for gems and minerals.

Also available: - Crystal Ice Cube Mould - All7 Set with 7 straws, 7 crystals and a cleaning brush. Perfect for families and cocktail parties!

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